The Leading Expert

Clever people see lots of options.

Experts instantly identify the best option.

The fear of failure is the greatest fear most people have.

Indeed it is the number one fear identified in survey after survey.

And by far the most common response to this fear is for people to reach for more and more ways to cover their unease.

Having a variety of complex methods or elaborate approaches can give the false illusion of the comfort and safety of "knowledge".

The education system makes its own contribution to this.

Schools, colleges and universities still largely base their teaching on the importance of knowing about and exploring detail and complexity - and management training courses and seminars continue to compound the problem.

Seeking to identify every option, analyse every angle and consider every possible alternative becomes the accepted way and this leads to piling complexity on top of complexity.

Expertise is being able to instantly identify the most appropriate option & apply it successfully.

A true expert embodies this clarity and certainty.

Simple ideas tend to be striking because they are immediately useful.

But far too many people have come to believe they should distrust simplicity and are convinced they must engage in a continuing search for a hidden, more complex answer.

However, solutions need to be much more than clear and simple they also need to meet a specific standard - to actually lead to the delivery of real and meaningful value.

There are too many examples that do not meet this standard and where the simplification ignores the difficulties and complications that are being encountered.

The real value lies in being able to simplify while at the same time taking account of the complications you face.

You can do this best when you have a clear tool that reduces the choices and quickly focuses your attention and energy on where it matters most.