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Profit & grow from new perspectives

Many events can benefit from inputs from new perspectives.

We have a range of speeches & presentations of value in launching a new initiative or turning attention to an important area of your work.

We can tailor the content to include specific issues important to you.

Success has a Structure

For a small number of individuals success seems to come easily.

These are the high achievers.

They always appear to know what to do regardless of the nature of the challenge they face.

This group consistently achieves exceptional levels of success - yet they never seem to be stressed.

They have developed or learned a system that works effectively for them.

In every task they face they immediately act in specific & practical ways that lead them closer to the success they seek.

These are the people to follow …. those who have a proven record of pursuing and attaining success.

We will show you the structure of success - the tested, proven & practical system you can put to immediate use to achieve much greater impact in everything you do.

Your team needs more than the same jerseys

Extensive research has shown most work "teams" are not really on top of their game ....

  • 37% have a clear understanding of what their organisation is trying to achieve & why
  • 20% were enthusiastic about their organisation’s goals
  • 20% had a clear understanding of how their tasks linked to the organisation goals
  • 15% felt the organisation fully enabled them to deliver key goals
  • 20% fully trusted the organisation

Or, to put it more clearly, if this were a football team ...

We can show you the simple reason most work "teams" don't work as a team - and how to put this right.

Who's time is it anyway?

Have you ever wondered just why you always feel under time pressure?

It all starts something like this - you have a crucially important task to do tomorrow, too important just to note it in your diary or your computer .... so you write it on a Post-It note & stick it prominently on your computer.

Then as you leave your office you bump into one of your colleagues, who asks you for a favour ....

At home you remember that you have to  ....

And so it goes on.

"Who's time is it anyway" shows you how to escape this apparently endless tide.

With these insights you will see how to escape the tyranny of your email, your colleagues, your deadlines & get back to the point where you are not under siege so you can concentrate on all your own priorities.

In your own time.