Success Programmes

High Achievers excel in these vital roles

Success is not a result of great intelligence, extraordinary luck or superhuman effort.

Sustained success comes from mastering three specific roles - being a confident & accomplished strategist, negotiator & leader.

Our development programmes provide you with highly practical insights & specific strategies that will ensure you succeed to the highest standard in each of these crucial tasks.

The Strategist

You can muddle through or you can become a high impact strategist.

It is your choice.

Outstanding strategies establish blindingly clear routes to the specific value you seek.

Most "strategies" are boring, abstract & essentially unproductive documents.

When you know how to create vibrant strategies that are dynamic & energising to everything you & your organisation does you will bring unprecedented levels of vitality & vigour to all aspects of your work.

A team or organisation with a clear strategy is a pleasure to work with - they take charge of shaping events, rise above the difficulties & leave nothing important to chance.

They are focused, structured & influential & can achieve high quality outcomes over & over again.

"The Strategist" will show you how to create inspiring goals & generate vibrant enthusiasm.

The Negotiator

Accomplished negotiators never allow differences & divisions to fester & damage their work or their career.

All success requires superior negotiation skills - the ability to bring people together, create high quality connections & deal constructively with differences while retaining strong relationships.

Negotiation is often thought of as a contest between sides where one gains & the others loses.

It is not like that at all.

Real negotiation involves the continuous ability to draw out the best from everyone, to consistently turn problems into opportunities, convert difficulties into solutions & deliver shared success.

Accomplished negotiators can achieve this with ease.

We will show you how to create high quality options &  reliable routes to success - even when faced with significant disagreement.

The Leader

It is not what you do that will ultimately determine your success - it is the degree to which you can motivate, enthuse & inspire those around you.

The Leader is a clear and practical guide to what actually works.

Leaders know how to quickly & confidently win attention and channel it where it will get the optimum results.

We will equip you with the specific areas of expertise you require so you embody the confidence & certainty others look for & respond to ....  even in the most challenging situations.

When you complete this programme you will stand out as a decisive & authoritative leader who generates enthusiasm, commitment & respect.

Personal Mastery

To calmly take control in every aspect of your performance - every opportunity that arises, every challenge you face, every meeting you are part of, every document you write, every discussion or presentation - you need the Personal Mastery Programme.

In this programme we give you an in-depth understanding of the insights & strategies that make all high achievement possible.

We guide you through each of the elements in our key toolkits so you reach the highest levels of competence & are confident in applying your Advanced Thinking tools in every situation you encounter.

This is an intensive programme where we work closely with you to define the exact outcomes you need to take control & deliver success.

When you have mastered these skills you will experience a powerful increase in the confidence others have in your expertise and experience.

When you have completed the Personal Mastery Programme you will have a high impact resource your can use for the rest of your life.

The Professional Practitioner

Leading a successful professional practice requires more than the formal qualifications involved.

You need a clear guiding star you can follow to build a unique, thriving and rewarding practice that fulfils all aspects of your ambitions.

The V-STAR Advantage™ gives you a clear and practical guide to -

  • stand out as exceptional through the unique value you deliver
  • attract and retain quality clients and customers
  • secure superior fees and profits
  • generate long term alliances with high value clients
  • create a unique practice that gives you a lifelong interesting, engaging and rewarding career