Our search for the structure of success

It all began in a room packed with the highest of high achievers ...

It was in a small hilltop village one cold, snowy week in January. 

It wasn’t just any village. It was Davos in Switzerland. 

And it wasn’t just any week - it was the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum.

I had been invited to share my insights on new approaches I had been developing to create more practical & effective strategies & agreements.

In truth I was a little overawed because sitting all around me were men and women who had changed the world.

These individuals - Presidents & Prime Ministers, business leaders, scientists & entrepreneurs - had successfully turned their ideas into actions that had changed the lives of billions of people around the globe.

As I listened to them make their speeches & presentations, met with them in the seminars & workshops and chatted with them over coffee I began to realise that even though their achievements spanned the full range of human endeavour - from creating vast personal wealth to bringing an end to bloody conflicts, from medical breakthroughs to the highest levels of art & science - there was a common thread to their stories.

The more I listened the more it became clear that there was a singular characteristic to their achievements - their Success had a Structure.

In the years since I have immersed myself in finding practical answers to two vital questions.

  • What exactly sets highly successful individuals & organisations apart?
  • Is it possible to create a structure anyone can use to reach the highest levels of achievement?

By careful analysis it became possible to pinpoint the precise things high achievers know & do.

Then to distil these into practical strategies we can all learn & use.

Success requires unusual levels of clarity & focus on a small number of vital tasks.

When you focus your attention & energy on these few, vital tasks you greatly increase your impact, influence & success.

Once you understand the structure of success you will always be in control. 

You will act quickly, confidently and decisively - even in the most challenging of circumstances.