Workshops & Facilitation

Access innovative insights & stimulate new ideas

We offer a range of high impact workshops which can be tailored & adapted as facilitated meetings that draw out the expertise & experience of your team.

Below are some of the most regularly requested topics.

We can prepare content that is focused on your specific needs.

High Value Facilitation

We design & facilitate meetings & workshops to address issues that clear the way to your success.

We begin by working with you to clarify the specific area you want to address & the most important outcomes you want to attain.

Then we create a well structured process that will draw out & integrate the expertise & experience from all participants - while keeping on course to successfully reach the positive results.

High impact strategies

Most strategies take lots of time & effort to prepare .... and then fail to reach their target.

High impact strategies create the energy to break through all barriers, focus on the vital goal & hit the exact target.

We will give you a proven model to sharply define the precise spot your strategy must achieve.

You will learn the expert way to :

  • isolate the vital drivers that deliver greatest impact
  • link the overall strategy to individual actions needed to ensure enthusiasm & commitment
  • prepare concise & meaningful action points
  • test drive the key elements before implementation
  • track progress & correct issues so you stay on course all the way to the final outcome

And we will show you how to define and measure value every step of the way.

Standout proposals & presentations

High quality proposals & presentations are so rare they instantly stand out.

We show you how to peel off the unnecessary details & reveal your most striking value.

When we work together you will :

  • sharply accentuate your most potent value
  • starkly highlight the unique contribution you make to delivering success
  • demonstrate your enduring contribution and value
  • present your case with authority & impact

Advanced Thinking

We all take for granted immediate access to virtually unlimited information through the internet.

Yet most people continue to be largely unaware of a parallel revolution in understanding how we can think & act more effectively.

Recent decades have seen enormous breakthroughs in understanding how the human brain works.

Those insights from the Advanced Thinking revolution have equipped us to know more than ever before about how we can all think more clearly, communicate more effectively, persuade more easily.

In our Advanced Thinking workshop we have drawn together recent breakthroughs in applied neuroscience to create a powerful new toolbox of practical skills you can use in every aspect of your work and your life.

Restart the stalled project

How many times have you experienced an important project run out of momentum & energy before it is quietly forgotten?

One of the most challenging tasks is to refocus & energise a stalled initiative.

We will show you how to :

  • prepare thoroughly for a relaunch that will capture attention, raise morale & win new commitment
  • demonstrate in real & practical terms you understand everyone's issues, needs or problems
  • reduce anxiety & frustration by showing in practical ways that you "get it"
  • focus on the specific value the outcomes will deliver
  • link these to what is important & motivating for each participant
  • prove you can do it on time, on target & on budget