The Negotiator

Turn difference into high value alliances

Negotiation is a core skill for any high achiever ... but it is seldom properly understood.

The word "negotiation" usually raises images of external negotiations - but day to day internal negotiations are the most important and often crucial to the competitive advantage of successful organisations

In all negotiation it is important to retain & strengthen the relationship - but in internal negotiations they are by far the most important aspect to keep in mind.

Without a clear structure negotiation tend to focus on individual tactics of how to “win” at the table, rather than creating a deeper understanding of the nature of shared success and the ongoing advantage available.

We find most organisations do not have a systematic approach to learning how to put in place and manage the structure or standards that are required.

Agreement is not enough - the real value is only available with sustained, shared success

In today's world interdependence no longer in question - options are do it badly, avoid it, do it well

When they address the issue of negotiation Business Schools and training courses tend to focus on the content rather than the more important task of giving high quality insights on the structure required to achieve meaningful success.

By focusing on the content of individual negotiations you are in danger of falling for the powerful illusion of short term success - where there is apparent agreement but no underlying structure to sustain shared success.

Traditional management buzz words - 'new ground rules', 'new systems', 'mission statements', new affirmations of the importance of people, new codes of practice, new policies - none of these will lead to success.

The only way to secure sustained & shared success is through new insights and increased skills in using them

With our unique Shared Success Structure  you will be able to 

  • deal effectively with difference
  • consistently reach high value agreements
  • efficiently achieve and implement agreements
  • protect relationships and reputations